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What is Reporter

The BeBanjo products contain a wealth of valuable data about your VoD business: schedules, rights, metadata, publications, jobs… And, out-of-the-box, they let you produce standard reports that are relevant to most customers. For instance, the Rights Availability report –available in BeBanjo– lets you find all content for which you have rights available, for a given platform, over a specified period.

Also, sophisticated users want to produce custom reports, slicing-and-dicing their data in creative ways. They want to get detailed insight into their operation, such as:

  • “How many hours of original content will I publish next month, platform by platform?”
  • “What are the CableLabs Asset IDs for all late deliveries last week?”
  • “What’s the ratio of subtitled HD jobs with QC problems each month?”

BeBanjo Reporter lets you do precisely that. It runs a periodic ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) process to pull all the data you hold in the BeBanjo tools (i.e., BeBanjo, Sequence, and Metadata) and load it into your own data warehouse in the cloud.

Reporter is based on Google BigQuery“Google’s fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics” – which provides you with an SQL-compliant data store that integrates with all the main reporting and business intelligence tools, such as Tableau, Excel, Qlik or Google Data Studio.